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The Ypres Menin Gate Memorial The Ypres Menin Gate Memorial
Photo : Edward Nicholl

The Menin Gate is one of four memorials to the missing in Belgian Flanders which cover the area known as the Ypres Salient.

The battles of the Ypres Salient claimed many lives on both sides and it quickly became clear that the commemoration of members of the Commonwealth forces with no known grave would have to be divided between several different sites. The site of the Menin Gate was chosen because of the hundreds of thousands of men who passed through it on their way to the battlefields. It commemorates those of all Commonwealth nations (except New Zealand) who died in the Salient, in the case of United Kingdom casualties before 16 August 1917.

Of the 54,325 names on the memorial, 475 are for men serving in the Yorkshire Regiment.

Photographs of the name panels which commemorate the Yorkshire Regiment soldiers can be viewed by selecting the link below. This will open a page in a new window.

Photographs of Panels Commemorating Names.

The names of the men serving in the Yorkshire Regiment found on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial are listed below. The majority of the names are inscribed on Panel 33, but those identified with "Addenda" are to be found on one of the Addenda Panels.
Soldiers who originally served in the Yorkshire Regiment, but were serving in another regiment when they lost their lives, are shown in parenthesis, below. e.g. Private Austerfield, J H. The panels on which they are commemorated will be shown on the details (below) for that soldier's name.

For further details on each name, select the initial letter on the left to be taken to another page which contains data on men whose surname starts with that letter.

Menin Gate-names-A

Private Abell, M
Lance Serjeant Adams, J A
Lance Corporal Addison, H W
Corporal Akers, H
Private Alderson, R
Private Allcroft, J
Private Allen, E
Private Allen, M G
Private Anderton, W C
Private Andrew, J
Private Antcliffe, A
Private Appleton, S
Private Archer, P C
Private Armstrong, C S
Lance Corporal Atkinson, F
Private Austerfield, J H
Private Austin, S
Corporal Aveyard, G

Menin Gate-names-A

Private Bailey, J
Private Baker, L H
Private Ball, T
Private Banks, T E
Private Bannister, J
Private Bargewell, C
Private Barnett, T
Serjeant Bartle, J A
Captain Barber, G C
Private Bateman, G A
Serjeant Baxtrem, F
Private Beddoes, R G
Private Bellfield, J T
Private Bell, J
Private Bennett, J T
Private Benson, H G
Private Berriman, G (Addenda)
Private Berriman, H
Lance Corporal Best, A
Private Best, R H
Private Betteridge, J
Private Binger, W J
Private Binks, P
Private Blair, W
Private Blakelock, C
Lance Corporal Blow, W W
Private Boden, J W
Private Bond, W V
Private Bone, S
Private Booth, F
Private Boycott, L (MM)
Private Bounes, C E
Private Bower, J
Private Bowles, C E (Addenda)
Private Boyle, E
Private Brabiner, R A
Private Breckon, F
Private Brett, G
Private Brick, E E J (DCM)
Private Briggs, F
Private Brigham, A E
Captain Broun, E S
Private Brown, A
Private Brown, J A
Lance Corporal Brown, W S
Private Bruce, T
Private Bruce, W
Private Bryan, C H
Lance Corporal Brydon, D
Lance Corporal Bunting, E R
Private Burkett, C E
Private Burn, W J
Private Burnand, H
Private Bye, E J

Menin Gate-names-A

Private Calver, A W
Private Cardy, S J
Private Carlton, R
Private Carpenter, W J
Private Carr, J E T
Private Carr, T
Private Carter, A
Private Carter, J (19736)
Private Carter, J (8543)
Private Carter, W
Private Cathrine, R
Corporal Caton, J T
Private Challoner, J J
Corporal Chapman, G
Private Childs, S
Private Chilvers, W
Private Christie, J
Private Church, P H H
Private Clarke, F B
Lance Serjeant Clarke, G
Private Clements, J W
Corporal Coleman, C F
Private Collett, W A
Corporal Collinson, F G (MM)
L/Corporal Conroy, D P (Addenda)
Serjeant Cooke, H
Private Cookson, R
Private Cooper, J
Private Cowdell, S M
Corporal Cowell, E
Private Cox, T W
Private Craven, A
Private Craven, T H W
Private Crocker, C
Private Crossley, R G
Lieutenant Cummins, H W
Private Cundall, J W
Private Cunningham, A

Menin Gate-names-D

Private Dalby, S
2nd Lieutenant Darwin, E
Private Davies, H
Private Davies, J T
Private Day, J D
Private Dealtrey, E
Private Dean, H H
2nd Lieutenant Dean, T W
Lance Corporal Dell, C S
Private Denby, D
Private Denny, G
Private Denton, J E
Private Devlin, P
Private Dine, R H
Serjeant Dinsdale, W T
Private Dixon, J
Private Dixon, J D
Private Dodds, J H
Private Dodsworth, H
Private Donnelly, W
Private Dorian, B
Private Doughty, D
Private Douthwaite, R
Private Dowey, T A
Corporal Ducklin, J
Private Duck, R
Private Dunnill, G H
Private Dunning, P

Menin Gate-names-E

Private Earls, W
Private Earl, W
Private Eato, W J
Private Ebbs, I
Private Edwards, F C
Private Ellacott, A H
Lance Corporal Elliott, J
Private Elliott, J T
Lance Corporal Ellis, G H
Private Elwell, W
Private England, J
Private Esom, J

Menin Gate-names-F

Private Farrow, E
Private Fawcett, J B
Private Feather, G E
Private Fellows, S C
Serjeant Fell, T
Private Fewster, A
Private Fielder, H H
Lance Corporal Finch, H H
Private Firth, F
Private Flemming, W
Lance Corporal Fletcher, J J
Private Flintoff, C
Private Ford, A E
Private Foster, M
Corporal Fowler, C
2nd Lieutenant Freeland, J B
Drummer Fulford, M

Menin Gate-names-G
Private Gaffey, E
Private Garbutt, S G
Private Garry, J T
Private Garton, A E
Private Gill, T W
Private Gledstone, H
Private Goldsbrough, R
Private Gooch, E A
Private Good, A
Private Govey, A (Addenda)
Private Grace, W J
Private Graham, J (Addenda)
Private Gregg, J
Lance Corporal Gregg, W A
Private Griffiths, A
Private Grinham, W J
Private Grint, C T
Private Grossett, A B
Lance Corporal Guymer, E H

Menin Gate-names-H

Private Hall, J
Private Hammond, W
Private Hannam, G H
Private Hardwick, E H
Private Harfield, F A G
Lance Serjeant Harfield, W H C D
Private Hargreaves, A (Addenda)
Corporal Harker, J (Addenda)
Corporal Harper, G H
Private Harper, R
Private Harrison, E
Coy Sjt Major Harrison, J
Private Harrison, W
Private Harry, T
Private Hartley, J W
Private Harvey, A J
Private Harwood, A
2nd Lieutenant Hatton, F C
Private Hayes, E W
Private Hayes, H V
Private Headley, J
Private Heath, E
Serjeant Heaton, J
Private Henderson, J
Private Hicks, W A
Private Hillier, P G
Rifleman Hirst, N
Private Hodgson, A
Private Hodgson, B
Private Hodgson, F
Private Hodgson, J
Private Hogg, L
Private Holland, A
Private Hood, J H
Private Hopper, A
Private Horn, W
Lance Corporal Horseman, C H
Private Horsfall, C
Private Horsfall, H
Private Hotham, C
Private Howarth, F
Private Hoyle, J H
Private Hudson, W G
Private Hubbert, A
Private Husband, J W
Private Hutchinson, A
Private Hutchinson, G
Private Hutchinson, J

Menin Gate-names-I

Private I'Anson, H
Lieutenant I'Anson, L P
Private Ireland, P
Private Ives, W

Menin Gate-names-J

Lance Corporal Jackson, E
Private Jackson, H F
Private Jacques, I
Private Jarvis, F
Private Jenkinson, A
Private Jenkinson, T
Private Joel, W
Private Johnson, E O
Private Johnson, F
Private Johnson, R
Serjeant Johnson, T
Serjeant Johnston, W
Private Joicey, T
Serjeant Joy, D G

Menin Gate-names-K

Private Kew, J
2nd Lieutenant Kidd, P C
Serjeant Kinchin, H
Colonel King, C A C
Lance Corporal King, H J
Private Kirk, J
Serjeant Kitchen, J L
Private Knaggs, M
2nd Lieutenant Knott, F W
Private Knowles, F (Addenda)

Menin Gate-names-L

Private Lane, H
Private Lavender, J
Private Lawson, S J
Private Laybourne, G A
Private Le Sauvage, G
Captain Le Sueur, E G C
Captain Leather, E W (Addenda)
Private Lee, A
Private Leeming, J T
Private Leng, W
Private Lenton, C W
Private Leonard, T
Private Letty, R A
Private Lewis, J
Private Lewis, S J
Corporal Little, H (MM)
Corporal Lodge, A E
Private Longley, W (Addenda)
Private Lowther, A
Serjeant Lungley, E G

Menin Gate-names-M

Private Mace, H
Private Macey, G
Private Mackenzie, J
Private Maloney, F
Private Maloney, J
Private Mansfield, F A
Private Marsay, J H
Private Masshedar, T
Serjeant Matson, G
Private Mattison, A
Private Maudsley, G N
Private McAll, J J C
Private McAvan, H
Private McFadden, W J
Private McGlade, J
Private McKenna, M (Addenda)
Corporal McKenna, W
Private McLean, W
Private McManus, T S
Private McTeer, T
Private Mickelthwaite, R
Private Milestone, T M
Private Miller, C W
Lance Corporal Miller, W S
Private Mitchley, S G
Private Mongan, W
Private Monks, C
Private Montgomery, J
Lance Corporal Morgan, J A
Private Morrell, T
Private Murray, A

Menin Gate-names-M

Captain Nancarrow, J V
Private Neate, A E (Addenda) (1)
Private Nicholls, J W (Addenda)
Private Nichols, J
Private Noel, C H P
Corporal Nolan, M

Menin Gate-names-O
Private O'Brien, P
Private O'Grady, T
Private Oldroyd, H W D
Private Oliver, H
Lieutenant Orde-Powlett, W P
Private Ord, W

Menin Gate-names-Q

Private Quincey, T (5)
Menin Gate-names-P

Private Parish, W
Lance Corporal Parker, J A
Private Parker, T
Corporal Patterson, T G
Private Paul, A V
Private Peel, G H
Captain Peel, L
Private Pemberton, G
Private Perrin, W J
Private Pert, J
Private Peterson, H
Private Pettinger, A
Lieutenant Phayre, R H
Private Pickard, J (Addenda)
Private Pickering, H
Lance Corporal Plaiter, T
Lance Corporal Platts, N
Private Postle, W
Private Prendiville, E (Addenda)
Coy Sjt Major Preston, E

Menin Gate-names-R

Private Radford, S
Private Radley, W C
Private Ramsden, H
Private Ramshaw, J
Corporal Ratcliffe, A
Private Rawnsley, H
Private Rawson, W
Private Raynor H
Private Redfern, J
Private Renals, G H
Private Render, G S
Corporal Rennard, L F
Corporal Rhodes, J
Private Rhodes, W (Addenda)
Lance Corporal Richmond, J
Corporal Riley, S
Private Roberts, F R
Private Robinson, A
Private Robinson, C (6)
Private Robinson, J R
Private Robinson, W
Private Robson, R
Private Robson, R W
Private Rodmell, A
Private Rollings, E (Addenda)
Private Royle, J H
Private Ruddick, R W
Private Ryder, J E (++)
Private Ryder, J F
Private Ryder, R

Menin Gate-names-S

Lance Corporal Sadler, R A
Private Sampson, G
Private Sanderson, W
Private Saunders, F
Private Sayer, J C
Private Scaife, A
Private Schofield, J
Lance Corporal Scott, F
Private Scott, N
Corporal Sculley, A
Private Seaman, A R
Private Sellers, W
Private Shaw, F
Private Shaw, H L
Private Shaw, M S
Serjeant Shaw, R
Private Sheard, J
Private Sherwin, P
Private Shields, W
Private Short, J R
Private Simcock, F J
Private Simms, A S
Private Simpson, A
Private Skelton, G
Lance Corporal Slater, C H
Private Slater, J
Private Slater, J E
Lance Corporal Smales, W O
Private Smith, B C
Private Smith, F
Private Smith, G
Private Smith, H
Private Smith, J
Private Smith, J H
Private Smith, R G
Private Smith, W
Private Smith, W J
Private Smith, W T
Private Spiell, H F
Private Spragg, F
Private Stafford, R
Private Stant, G E
Private Stead, W
Lance Serjeant Stephenson, F
Lance Corporal Stephenson, J
Private Stevens, D
Private Stewart, J
Serjeant Stockton, J (MM)
Private Stothers, J
Private Strickland, A
Serjeant Sullivan, A
Private Swales, J
Private Swallow, F
Private Sweeney, J
Private Symons, F G

Menin Gate-names-T

Private Tallentire, H
Private Tann, B
Private Tapp, E
Lance Serjeant Taylor, J
Private Taylor, P
Private Taylor, R H
Private Taylor, T K
Private Taylor, W
Serjeant Tease, G H
Private Telford, A
Corporal Thompson, E
Private Thompson, J
Private Thorpe, G T
Private Todd, H E (MM)
Private Todd, J W
Private Tranmer, W
Private Tucknott, G T
Serjeant Tudor, C
Private Turner, A
Serjeant Turner, E
2nd Lieutenant Turner, H S A
Private Turrell, F F
Private Turton, H
Private Tyerman, F (3)

Menin Gate-names-V

Private Vasey, A
Private Veitch, J
Lance Corporal Vickerstaff, R

Menin Gate-names-W

Private Wakeley, W J
Private Walker, W
Major Walker, W B
Private Walker, W W
Private Waller, A J
Corporal Wallinger, R G
Private Walton, H
Lance Corporal Wanless, J J
Private Warburton, W H
Private Warren, A V
Private Wastell, A
Serjeant Waugh, S
Corporal Webber. F E
Private Webb, G W
Private Welburn, G H
Lance Corporal Wenden, R W
Lieutenant Weston, C G (4)
Private Wheatley, J
Private Whitaker, W
Private White, A R
Private Whitefield, W
Serjeant Whitehead, W H G
Private Whitton, F
Private Wilbor, R
Private Wilkinson, W H
Private Williams, F B
Private Wilson, C (Addenda)
Private Wilson, E (Addenda)
Private Wilson, E F
Private Wilson, I I
Private Wilson, J W (10289)
Private Wilson, J W (2370)
Private Wilson, J (Alias)
Private Winterflood, E
Private Wise, W
Private Wollaston, P
Private Wood, G W
Private Wood, T
Private Wooley, R
Lieutenant Woosnam, R B (2)
Private Wordsworth, E
Private Wright, C
Private Wright, F
Lance Corporal Wright, J T
Private Wright, T D
Private Wyatt, J T

(++) J E Ryder is listed in the CWGC Register as being on the Memorial on an Addenda panel, though his name does not appear to actually be ON the Memorial.
(1) Private A E Neate is shown on the panel, incorrectly, as "Private A E Neste".
(2) Lieutenant R B Woosnam appears to be listed on the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial in error. He served with the Worcestershire Regiment, and was killed at Gallipoli, - and is commemorated on the Helles Memorial (Addenda)
(3) Although "F Tyerman" is actually shown on the Memorial, he is no longer listed in the CWGC Register. This was probably Private F Tyreman who is buried in Maple Copse Cemetery.
(4) Lieutenant C G Weston's name originally appeared on the Memorial, but he is buried in Divisional Cemetery. He is listed in the CWGC database in Divisional Cemetery and no longer appears in the database for the Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial.
(5) Shown on the memorial as "deQuincey".
(6) Private Robinson, C, is an erroneous entry. This was a Private Robinson Collin who is buried in the Perth Cemetery (China Wall).

One of the Lions at the top of the Menin Gate Memorial, with the Memorial Dedication One of the Lions at the top of the Menin Gate Memorial, with the Memorial Dedication
Photo : Edward Nicholl

The Memorial Dedication inside the Gate The Memorial Dedication inside the Gate
Photo : Edward Nicholl

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