Lieutenant Hugh Brooksbank
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
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Lieutenant Hugh Brooksbank

Information and photos for the following are to be found on this page;-

Private Percy GARNER
2nd Lieutenant Leslie Keith GIFFORD-WOOD
Captain Lewis Wilberforce GOLDSMITH

2nd Lieutenant Arthur Charles GOODALL
Private Francis Elijah GOODING
Private Charles GOODWIN
2nd Lieutenant Hugh Colbourne GRAHAM
Lieutenant Malcolm Hewley GRAHAM

Private Thomas GRAHAM
Private Aaron GREEN
Private Thomas GREENWOOD
Lieutenant Colonel Sir Robert Nevill Benyon GUNTER

Private Percy GARNER, 202108
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  Private Percy GARNER, 202108

4th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.
Enlisted July 1916, Service No 5784. Fought at the Battle of the Lys, and was wounded on 10 April 1918. He was captured and interned at Limburg POW camp, where a leg was amputated.
He was discharged form the Army on 23 May 1919 (Silver War Badge).

The photo of Private Garner and additional information was provided by Joyce Tarrant (<>)>
Note : The photo of Percy Garner shows him to be wearing the stripes of a Lance Corporal. It is possible he may have been an acting Lance Corporal.
2nd Lieutenant Leslie Keith GIFFORD-WOOD
Photo from that of 6th Battalion Officers, 1915
  2nd Lieutenant Leslie Keith GIFFORD-WOOD

6th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.
Died 22 August 1915.

Commemorated Panel 55 to 58, Helles Memorial.
Captain (Temporary) Lewis Wilberforce GOLDSMITH
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  Captain (Temporary) Lewis Wilberforce GOLDSMITH

A Company, 7th (Service) Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (Green Howards)
Killed in action on the 5th of November 1916 aged 21.

The following information on Captain Lewis Wilberforce Goldsmith, and the photo on the left, has been provided by John Hamblin (<>);-

He was born in Aveton Gifford in Devon on the 9th of July 1895 the eldest son of Francis Thomas Wilberforce Goldsmith and Mary H Goldsmith of Chislehurst. He was educated at Merton Court Preparatory School in Sidcup and at the King's School Canterbury from January 1910 to July 1914 where he was granted a Junior Scholarship in July 1910 and a Senior Scholarship in June 1913. He was a keen rower and rugby player, playing in the Rugby XV in 1913 and was made a school monitor in September 1913.

He was entered for St John's College Oxford but instead applied for a commission and was gazetted as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Yorkshire Regiment being promoted to Lieutenant in September 1914.

On the 5th of April 1915 he was promoted to Temporary Captain and sailed for France with his battalion on the 13th of July 1915, landing at Boulogne. He saw action on the first day of the Battle of the Somme being one of the few officers in the battalion to be neither killed nor wounded during the day. He saw action with the battalion through the summer on the Somme and on the 4th of November 1916 the battalion received orders to carry out a "small attack" against an enemy trench which ran up to the edge of the road to Le Transloy. It was decided that in view of the relatively small objective that A Company alone would be sufficient to make the attack.

At 10am on the morning of the 5th the British artillery opened up a heavy fire which intensified onto the enemy front line at 11.10am, when A Company went over the top to the attack. Soon after midday the officer commanding the neighbouring battalion of the East Yorkshire Regiment reported that he could see the enemy "running like hell" and this was soon corroborated by Lieutenant Robertson of A Company although he reported that losses had been heavy and that Captain Goldsmith had been wounded. Captain Goldsmith was being carried to the rear on a stretcher when he was struck and killed by machine gun fire which also killed three of the stretcher bearers. It was thought by eyewitnesses that this had been a deliberate act by the Germans.

Commemorated n the Thiepval Memorial Panel and Face 3A and 3D. He is also commemorated on both the Foots Cray and Sidcup memorials.
2nd Lieutenant Arthur Charles GOODALL
  2nd Lieutenant Arthur Charles GOODALL

7th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of the late Robert and Emily Sarah Goodall. Killed 6 November 1916. Aged 22.
Commemorated Pier and Face 3 A and 3 D, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL.

The photo on the left, and the brief obituary (below) from an unknown source, have been provided by Richard Roberts (<>).
2nd Lieutenant Arthur Charles GOODALL
Private Francis Elijah GOODING, 20909
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Private Francis Elijah GOODING, 20909

12th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment. Later 93371 Royal Defence Corps.

A grandson of Francis Elijah Gooding, Don Heald has sent a photo of his grandfather which can be seen by selecting the image on the left. Don Heald also provides the following information;-

"Francis Elijah Gooding was born at 4 Nixon Street, Linthorpe, Middlesbrough on the 4th of August 1884 and was the eldest of 24 children. He died on the 20th December 1964.
My grandmother (Frank’s wife) told me that he was running through a wood in France when he was shot in the back by a German sniper who was up a tree. The small pack on his back contained 13 pairs of socks which absorbed the dum dum bullet and saved his life. He was hospitalised at Pirbright. When he took his shirt off I could see the dent in his spine which was the size of a fifty pence piece. The injury did not prevent him from later working as a labourer at Acklam Coke Ovens (part of Dorman, Long).
In the photograph of the hut he is 6th from the front on the right hand side, but I don’t know where it was taken.(Select the thumbnail image below for a larger one which opens in a new window).
Private Francis Elijah GOODING, 20909
Don Heald provides the foillowing information about himself;-
"I served as MT Clerk (23053461) with the 2nd Battalion in Cyprus in 1955 and was brought up by my maternal grandfather Francis Elijah Gooding. At my passing out parade in November 1954 he managed to walk up the hill to Richmond Depot to see me being presented with the book, "The Story of the Green Howards 1939 – 1945" for being best shot rifle. "
Private Charles Goodwin
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  Private Charles GOODWIN.

The following information on Charles Goodwin was supplied by Ian Wright (<>), his great grandson;-
"... born 1888 and died 1974. Served with the Green Howards during the Great War. He was born in Middlesbrough, but eventually settled in Halifax. He was the son of Benjamin and Alice (nee Watson) Goodwin. He had two brothers George and William and I believe at least one of them, George, also served with the Green Howards."

(Photo supplied by Ian Wright (<>))

No photo as yet, but biographical notes kindly provided by the winchestercollegeatwar website.
  2nd Lieutenant Hugh Colborne GRAHAM.

2nd Battalion, attached 9th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Son of Christopher Colborne Graham and Mary Johnstone Graham, of Oriel House, Scarborough. Died 1 October 1917. Aged 29.
Commemorated Panel 52 to 54 and 162A, TYNE COT MEMORIAL.

2nd Lieutenant Graham was educated at Winchester College. The following information on 2nd Lieutenant Graham appears on the Winchester College website, winchestercollegeatwar. Suzanne Foster, the College Archivist, has kindly allowed us to use this information.

"Hugh Colborne Graham was the younger son of Christopher Colborne Graham and Mary Johnstone Graham, of Oriel House, Scarborough (formerly of Highmoor, Ilkley). His father was the Mayor of Scarborough. Winchester College lost track of Graham for many years; the Register printed in 1956 recorded only that he was dead with no further details. At some point, however, his name was added to War Cloister. It seems that he left Winchester to go to Giggleswick School, nearer his Scarborough home. Graham attended Leeds University, where he took a BSc, and was described by The Times as ‘an ardent Socialist’.

He was quick to volunteer at the outbreak of the First World War, at first trying to enlist in a New Army battalion forming in Hull, but failed the medical: “His physique was exceptionally good, but he was rejected, much to his disappointment, on account of sight.” He was accepted, however, into the RAMC, and spent two years attached to the Northumberland Fusiliers.

When, at the end of 1916, there was a need for more infantry officers, he volunteered to be trained and was sent on a course at Bristol University. In the summer of 1917 he returned to the front to serve with 9th Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, in the Ypres Salient.

He was killed, after hard fighting on 28th September, on October 1st 1917, during the advance on the Menin Road, during the Third Battle of Ypres. He was twenty-nine. With no known grave, he is commemorated in panels 52-54 and 162A of the Tyne Cot Memorial.

Further details of Lieutenant Graham’s family and his background can be found on the Scarborough Maritime Heritage website."

Lieutenant Malcolm Hewley Graham.
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  Lieutenant Malcolm Hewley GRAHAM.

3rd Battalion attached 2nd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment. Killed 15 June 1915.
Commemorated on Panel 12, LE TOURET MEMORIAL.

Malcolm Graham's photo, and the accompanying biographical notes, were kindly supplied by Paul Stevens, Repton School's Librarian and Archivist. The history of Repton School, and further details of the school, can be found on

Notes from Repton School archives;-
"Born November 22nd 1894, the son of H.S. Graham, Park House Pool, Wharfedale. ?Hall 1909 – 1913 ?Pembroke College, Cambridge ?Second Lieutenant, 3rd Yorkshire Regiment, Special Reserve, 8/14. Lieutenant, 2/15. France, attached 2nd Battalion, 3/15. ?Killed in Action at Givenchy 15/06/15 ?LE TOURET MEMORIAL.
He went up to Pembroke College, Cambridge, and rowed for his College. ?The Reptonian, July 1915 "
Malcolm Graham left Repton School in 1909.

Private Thomas GRAHAM. 16305.
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  Private Thomas GRAHAM. 16305.

6th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Husband of Isabella Williams (formerly Graham), of 12, Model St., Murton Colliery, Co. Durham. Killed 28 September 1916. Aged 34.
Born Thornley (Durham), Enlisted Sunderland, Resided Murton Colliery.
Commemorated Pier and Face 3 A and 3 D, THIEPVAL MEMORIAL.

The photo of Private Graham has been kindly provided by Elaine Miller (<>) of the Murton Heritage Society.

Private Aaron GREEN, 18438
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  Private Aaron GREEN, 18438

6th Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment, formerly 19201 K O Y L I. Brother of Colin Green, of 9, Smith St., Chapeltown, Sheffield. Native of Greystones, Sheffield. Killed 11 November 1915. Aged 20.
Born Eccleshall (Sheffield), Enlisted Chapeltown (Sheffield).

The photo of Private Aaron Green was provided by Veronica Boxford-Brookes (<>), who has also provided some additional biographical information on Private Green. This is presented as a PDF file, which may be read by selecting the link, below;-

Private Thomas GREENWOOD, 35151For a larger sized image, click on this thumbnail. Close the window that opens to return to this page.
  Private Thomas GREENWOOD, 35151

4th Battalion Yorkshire Regiment. Formerly 34721 9th T R Battalion. Died 12 April 1918.
Born Enfield, Enlisted Tottenham, Resided Enfield.
Commemorated Panel 4, PLOEGSTEERT MEMORIAL.

A contemporary newspaper report mentions Private Greenwood's death. To see this report, select the thumbnail image on the left.
Lieutenant Colonel Sir Robert Nevill Benyon GUNTER
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  Lieutenant Colonel Sir Robert Nevill Benyon GUNTER.

Lieutenant Colonel Sir Robert Nevill Benyon Gunter. 3rd Battalion the Yorkshire Regiment. Son of Sir Robert and Dame Jane Margaret Gunter, of Wetherby Grange, Yorks. Killed 16 August 1917.
Aged 46.
Further details.

Photo courtesy of Chrissie Andresen (family tree data in