Individual Soldiers, - Logan STUDLEY
Remembrance - The Yorkshire Regiment, First World War
Individual Soldiers, - Logan STUDLEY

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Individual Soldiers, - Logan STUDLEY

We are very grateful to Ken Paterson (<>) for drawing the story of Logan Studley to our attention in the first place, and for Madras College (St.Andrews, Fife, Scotland) for allowing us to use material from their archives.
Arlen Pardoe (<>) has provided a photograph of 5 members of the Studley family, including Logan, who all served in the Army.
Richard Roberts
(<>) has provided material on Logan Studley's service record from the National Archives.

Logan Studley

The Roll for the 2nd Battalion which embarked for Belgium on 5 Octocer 1914 includes the name of Private L Studley, 10397.
In the official history of the Yorkshire Regiment by Colonel Wylly, it was briefly recorded that "... on the 25th (October) Second-Lieutenant L Studley received wounds of which he died;.....".

Remarkably, this soldier is one and the same person and the facts are as follows;-

Logan Studley was born in 1896 (Q4) in the York RD. As a boy, Logan Studley attended Madras College, St Andrews, Fife. In the photograph (above) he is wearing the uniform of a Highland Regiment (perhaps it can be identified as the Black Watch). Logan Studley's father was Major (Quartermaster) Harry Studley of the Black Watch. Major Studley died of natural causes on the 25th February 1916 aged 52, and he is buried in St Andrews.

His service record (from the National Archives) shows that on 12/9/1913, at stated age 17 years 8 months, he enlisted whilst still a scholar with the 7th Battalion Black Watch Special Reserve in Edinburgh and was given the number 3/2381. He was released from them to attest on 11/1/1914 for the 2nd Bn. Yorkshire Regiment and left Perth for Guernsey on 23/1/1914 to join the Corps stationed there.

On 5 October 1914 the 2nd battalion Yorkshire Regiment sailed for Belgium, and Logan Studley is shown on the Roll as having been a Private in the Battalion. However the Madras College Magazine (below) shows him as being a newly-promoted Serjeant, whilst the London Gazette, - in which his Commission is Gazetted, mentions him as being a Lance Corporal.

On 16 October 1914, the London Gazette lists Logan Studley as having been commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the East Yorkshire Regiment.

It is possible that he HAD been commissioned into the East Yorkshire Regiment. However, the fact remains that this young officer, - only VERY recently commissioned from the ranks, was killed while serving with the Yorkshire Regiment on 25 October 1914, aged 18 years. He had served overseas with the 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment for lesss than three weeks.

"Logan Studley", - from the Madras College Magazine, 1915.
"Logan Studley", - from the Madras College Magazine, 1915.

5 Members of the Studley Family

Arlen Pardoe has forwarded an item from the Fife News and Almanac dated 1914. This shows five members of the Studley family who served in the Army. Logan is shown on the left, wearing the same uniform as in the top photo. His father, Major Harry Studley, is shown in the centre.

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5 Members of the Studley Family

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